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TCL Unveils Tri-Fold Foldable and Rollable Display Concept Phones

TCL Unveils Tri-Fold Foldable and Rollable Display Concept Phones (Two New Concepts). The company reveals two radical new additions to the form factor of the foldable phone. One is a TCL tri-fold phone-tablet hybrid that folds twice like the letter Z. The first fold bends inwards like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the second fold bends outwards along the crease similar to the Huawei Foldable Mate Xs.

The company officials said that its trifold hybrid concept comes with a 6.65-inch AMOLED display that can unfold twice to reveal the full 10-inch screen actual land. The cover display has a 2.0.8:9 aspect ratio with an impressive 3K resolution. It employs on branded DragonHinge and ButterflyHinge technologies to create a working prototype.

TCL’s second design system looks like a regular phone, but it conceals a rolling mechanism that covers the remaining portion of the display that can be extracted via a motorized mechanism to convert it into a tablet.

When the motorized, the hidden portion of the display extends outward to the right, transforming the 6.75-inch flexible AMOLED display into a 7.8-inch tablet. When not being used in the tablet mode, the motor automatically withdraws the display and turns the device into a regular phone.

Notably, TCL says the rollable display mechanism eliminates the crease in total, somewhat foldable phone users keep complaining about.

The TCL rollable concept phone originally scheduled to launch at MWC 2020. The MWC Barcelona 2020 canceled over coronavirus concerns. As per now, there are no updates about new TCL phones launching, specifications, pricing, and availability.

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