OnePlus Makes Fun of This Latest Google Phone’s Feature

OnePlus is clearly trying to honk his own horn here. The company says its 90Hz display phones are “fast and smooth anytime, anywhere.” You can see how the tweet relates to various brightness levels to demonstrate a constant 90Hz refresh rate on the OnePlus mobile.

The Pixel 4 decreases the refresh rate from 90Hz to 60Hz if the display’s brightness drops under 75%. Google said it’s going to fix the issues, but that didn’t stop OnePlus from taking their potshot.

What’s even more amusing is OnePlus just minutes after posting deleted the mocking tweet. Fortunately, just in time, we were able to capture a screenshot.

We don’t know why the post was removed by OnePlus, but we have a few theories.

OnePlus smartphones don’t actually run at 90Hz ‘anytime, anywhere.’

The Pixel 4 decreases the refresh rate from 90Hz to 60Hz when the display’s brightness falls below 75%. The OnePlus 7 L, 7 T and 7 T Pro show refresh levels on all 90Hz sports screens. When the problem of the Pixel 4 refresh rate came to light, we quickly tested whether the OnePlus phones also dropped the refresh rate with changes in brightness. While our OnePlus 7 T in varying brightness held to an even 90Hz, it’s not as if the refresh rate on OnePlus ‘ phones never fell. Not all devices support refresh rates of 90Hz, so there are items you can see on your OnePlus 7 Pro, 7 T, or 7 T Pro in 60Hz.

There’s a way for all apps to force 90Hz. OnePlus members, however, once told us that because of battery drainage issues, it does not recommend it. Looks like OnePlus got cold feet and removed that tweet mocking the Pixel 4 to keep the comment box on the pandora’s own 90Hz mode tightly shut down. Or perhaps the tweet was taken down as a friendly gesture against Google, a corporation that practically lays the foundation for the Oxygen OS of OnePlus.

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