One of the iPhone 11’s Key Feature will soon come to Samsung Galaxy Phones

When the iPhone 11 was introduced, one of the features it listed was a slofie’s or slow-motion selfie taken using the front-facing camera. Some thought it was a strange idea, but it seems that soon Samsung Galaxy phones will also have the functionality.

This news comes by Samsung Mobile from the beta of One UI 2, the newest Samsung mobile application. Usually one UI is laid on Galaxy phones over Android, and the newest version of One UI 2 is designed for Android 10. At the moment, beta is being checked for selecting phones and an important feature is present.

These are Samsung’s best phones, and they are the new iPhones, but what are the best camera phones?

It features a Slofie choice for the front-facing camera, as you probably guessed. This helps you to shake your head, smile or do anything else you want and see it slowly. For the rear cameras, the new Samsung Galaxy flagships reportedly have a Super Slow Motion feature that takes videos at 960fps. Reportedly, the Slofie option is not taking videos this quickly, but it still fits in more frames than a standard video speed.

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