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Intel Unveils 2nd Gen Xeon Scalable Processor: Intel 10nm 5G Chip

2nd-Gen Intel 10nm 5G Chip: Intel recently launched its new microprocessors with a second-generation Xeon processor for data centers and a 10nm chip for wireless 5G base stations. Demand from cloud computing has boosted server chip revenues, resulting in durable results from Intel and its competitor AMD processor.

Intel Xeon processor has dominated the market for server chips, but the AMD software has been gaining ground since its re-entry into the business three years ago with rival EPYC processors that earned positive reviews.

The new Intel chip will provide a better per-dollar performance than the last generation. With the help of Intel 10nm 5G chip and P5900, it becomes the leading silicon provider in base stations by 2021, Intel said.

The chipmaker said that it would release nine Intel 10nm products in 2020 and Intel 7nm product next year. AMD already launched several chips based on the smaller 7nm architecture.

The company had struggled with a 10nm delay in chip technology, losing its lead in the race to supply the new data economy, which includes 5G, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence (AI).

The company planned to launch the new chips at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2020) in Barcelona. But the MWC 2020 event canceled due to the breakout of the coronavirus in China. Users can check here for the latest technology updates and news around the world.

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