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HTC to Launch its First 5G Phone in 2020: HTC 5G New Launch Date

HTC First 5G Phone 2020: The HTC CEO Yves Maitre reportedly said that the company will release an upcoming 5G smartphone this year. In an interview, he shared that HTC will invest heavily in the 5G connected applications segment, and as it sees many development opportunities in the Taiwan market. There is no information about the HTC first 5G phone specifications or launch date yet.

According to the report of Mash Digi, Yves did not clarify on what their plans for the 5G phone will be, so it is uncertain whether the company will launch a mid-tier 5G smartphone or multiple devices in different price segments.

HTC worked with US wireless operator Sprint to get into the 5G network market after which it released its 5G hub.

HTC also investing in virtual vision content that will be powered by 5G. Reportedly, the company will continue to focus on the current virtual vision applications concerning the HTC Vive Cosmos series and the HTC Vive series. Along with that, it will work on its augmented reality applications.

The company believes there is still room for growth when it comes to augmented reality applications, so it takes time with the newly launched related applications.

The HTC expected to attend the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2020 in San Francisco on March 16. The Vive device will host the March 17 on Vive User Summit. HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, Vive Sync, HTC Vive Cosmos Play, and HTC Vive Cosmos XR expected to be on the show floor. Now it seems the company still attends the event, unlike Sony and Facebook, which chose to back out for the conference over coronavirus concerns.

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