Apple Arcade Adds 6 New Games – Now Arcade Games Total ‘100’

Arcade is the Apple’s subscription-based gaming service available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. The Apple Arcade recently added the 6 more games, now it reached a total of 100 games.

“The six new games include Sociable Soccer game, which is a sequel to the Sensible Soccer game popular during the early 1990’s”, Engadget said.

The other Apple Arcade new games include UFO on Tape: First Contact. This is a sequel to an early iPhone game UFO on Tape.

There’s also Takeshi and Hiroshi (by Oink Games) which combines the world of puppet animation with Role Playing Game and tells the story of two brothers.

The game fantasy story Guildlings by Sirvo Studios draws on inspiration from things like visual novels, classic RPGs, point and click puzzle games.

The remaining Apple Arcade games include Sociable Soccer (by Rogue Games), it is a fast-paced and cross-platform soccer game. Discolored(by Shifty Eye Games) that is a surreal, first-person puzzle adventure game. And Marble It Up: Mayhem! (by The Marble Collective), which is a puzzle game.

This service available for Rs 99 per month in India, which allows up to six family members to share the same subscription. These games are supported by made for iPhone game controllers along with PS4 and Xbox controllers.

All the iPhone users can download these games from App Store and get the subscription to play.

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